July 3, 2020

Technical Support Remote Access

Technical SupportIf you are having trouble with your computer in many cases the SquareDog Technicians will be able to repair your computer from a remote location.  This allows us to fix your computer without causing you the hassle of bringing it in to our office or the extra cost of having a technician come to your home!  To enable remote access you will need to follow the instructions below.

Using the remote connection software is a breeze.  To install simply click the link below and choose the "Run" option on the popup.  However, if your browser does not give you the option to run, choose to download the file to your computer.  Then find the file and double left click on it.  If you have not done so at this point you will need to contact a SquareDog technician to begin the remote connection process.

No need to worry about this extra program making your computer run slower.  Once we have fixed your computer and disconnect the remote connection software automatically uninstalls itsself!

Remote Access SoftwareClick this link to download the remote access software



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